Surgical Instruments

We here at Accrington Surgical Instrument Suppliers Ltd provide a wide array of surgical instruments across the UK in both the public and private sector. You can find our instruments under the ‘Products’ tab on the menu, where you are able to search for specific instruments and codes, or manually search via the category tabs.

Our products are coded to ease the understanding as to whether it is a single use product or a reusable product, please see below for a guide for the codes:

AD- : Reusable Dental Surgical Instrument
AS- : Reusable Theatre Quality Surgical Instrument
PCT- : Reusable Podiatry Surgical Instrument
SU- : Single Use Surgical Instrument or Pack
SU-AD- : Single Use Dental Surgical Instrument

If you have any queries regarding our products, then please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team at email: [email protected] – or call on 01254 395151.