With the NHS facing the necessity to reduce its budget and the increase in the use of Single Use Surgical Instruments / Single Use Procedure Packs, we’ll take a look at how Accrington Surgical Instrument Suppliers Ltd (ASISL) are able to keep up with this change in demand.

With the use of our own Class 8 clean-room on site, this enables us to personalise any set to the end users specific requirements rather than having to accept “off the shelf” standard packs. Both single use packs and single use instruments items all come with a set of peel able patient labels as standard, which have full trace-ability directly back to both the manufacturer and the ETO sterilisation run.

We are then able to pack all our Single Use Instruments and Single Use Packs on our premises and not overseas. This means we are then helping to cut out any problematic external factors that results in – “No middle men interruption/excuses” and “No extra costs for the customer”.

At Accrington Surgical Instrument Suppliers Ltd (ASISL), we highlighted one key area of service that had built up our interest for many years that had been lacking. During the end of 2015, we finally completed this ambition of offering an onsite ETO (Ethylene Oxide) sterilisation service that helps to sterilise all Single Use Procedure Packs and Single Use Surgical Instruments. The use of our very own ETO Sterilisation unit on site presented numerous certain benefits not just for Accrington Surgical (ASISL) but also for the customers:

  • Lead time for all Single use instruments / Packs are drastically improved.
  • The removal of going through a 3rd party sterilisation provider helps the customer realise greater savings with ASISL.
  • The use of the ETO sterilisation helps to sterilise any combination of material the customer requests, in terms of the content in the Procedure Packs as compared with the complexities involved in the other sterilisation methods.

We believe that we are now well equipped for the future and to meet any demands that come our way!